A New Era in EV Charging: Crypto Payments and Carbon Credits All in One – How to Buy Early CCHG (C+Charge)

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C+Charge is leveraging the opportunity presented by the promise conveyed within the electric vehicle (EV) space today. This is thanks to factors such as the growing adoption and advancements in the sector’s charging infrastructure. The PwC predicts a surge in the electric vehicle market in the United States. Moreover, the research notes that there should be up to 27 million electric vehicles by 2030, and around 65 million more by 2040. With these statistics, a significant increase in charging infrastructure is crucial.

Furthermore, experts say the EV facilities market will leap to $100 billion by 2040, with charging station operators, charge point operators (CPOs), at the forefront. This is because they provide the main resource and are the basal revenue drivers among Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) providers.

There is bound to be a sizable expansion by 2030, both in the workplace and on-the-go charging segments. This will cater to the growing demand for effective and efficient charging options.

Moreover, the multi-unit residential building segment is expected to grow significantly, with market shares predicted to soar from 0-15% by 2025 and probably 17% by 2030. This comes as the EV market continues to mature as accelerated by more startups joining the space as investors come into the scene.

Giant energy companies have acquired over 20 electric vehicle charging startups over the past two years. In tandem, five electric vehicle entities have debuted courtesy of different special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) over the past three years. These have nurtured more growth and innovation within the space.

C+Charge Leads The EV Market

The recent uptick in the electric vehicle market is attributed to C+Charge, a sustainable project seamlessly integrating the crypto momentum. It is imperative to note that the main objective of this project is to deliver a comprehensive solution where participants are empowered to capitalize on this growing trend.

C+Charge is fueling the growth potential of the EV charging sector, inspiring businesses to venture into the sector tactfully with the requisite technology. With these infrastructures, they are bound to reap significant benefits in the future.

Some of the opportunities presented in this respect include CPOs developing cohesive charging solutions. Moreover, others are investing in developing novel EVSE technologies.

C+Charge touts itself as a blockchain-based platform committed to democratizing CPO earnings while extending carbon credit rewards to users. The project uses top-tier and scalable BSC-based blockchain technology to track and incentivize EV charging. This increases the cost-effectiveness and transparency of charging sessions because users receive part of the carbon credits generated during the charging process

Furthermore, the project has received massive attention from technology enthusiasts. This explains why the project has already raised over $3.09 million in the presale funding round. This comes as the seventh phase of the fundraiser approaches.

The milestone is in tandem with the ecosystem’s recent announcement about a promising new collaboration with The Recharge DeFi project. This underscores the network’s commitment to establishing collaborative relationships with CPOs and EVSE providers.

C+Charge Ecosystem And Its Powering Token

The C+Charge project is powered by its native utility token, christened CCHG. This token is the main settlement means across the entire ecosystem. Notably, the token is among the pioneering projects on the Binance Smart Chain, pedaling carbon credit assets tokenization.

Additionally, the token boasts an innovative design compliant and compatible with OCPP 2.0, the universally accepted standard for EV charging stations. With this, the project is poised to integrate with more than 1.8 million charging stations worldwide. This increases its chances of tapping into various CPO revenue streams.

Once users get their own wallet, they can comfortably pay for electric vehicle charging through the CCHG tokens. Further, the project has introduced EV owners to an amazing product called Carbon Credits, using it as an incentive for when crypto and technology come together to help drivers benefit from their charging experiences.

The decentralized app (dApp) monitors charging usage, allowing individual users to accumulate carbon credits via a reflection program. With this working strategy, up to 1% of the transactional volume is reserved for buying carbon credits. The carbon credits are re-distributed and airdropped to the wallets of the respective token holders.

Besides the success recorded in the presale, C+Charge is also committed to increased functionality. This further bolsters the token’s deflationary stance while increasing chances for a spike.

Additionally, the project has disclosed its roadmap, showcasing a comprehensive action plan. The roadmap features exciting developments once the presale is over. Notably, the first centralized exchange listing is slated for March 31 on BitMart, barely two weeks from now.

Moreover, there are other announcements concerning charging hardware collaborations to come, which would pave the way for unveiling the inaugural C+Charge electric chargers.

Embrace the future of EV charging by joining C+Charge: How To Buy CCHG Early

With barely two days to stage 7 of the presale, now is the ideal time to buy CCHG and enjoy early investor benefits. The presale provides the ideal opportunity for investors to become early adopters of this innovative electric vehicle technology.

The token price is currently 0.02 USDT and will increase to 0.0235 USDT once the next stage commences. Buy the token now to take advantage of this early-entry market value for maximum benefits.

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