Archax and Fireblocks Forge Alliance to Expand Digital Asset Services


Archax, the exchange, broker, and custodian for digital assets, has integrated
Fireblocks, a platform supporting blockchain applications and digital asset
management. This partnership aims to strengthen the security of Archax’s
operations and extend product offerings and market reach.

Archax Expands Digital Asset Custody Services

According to the press release, this collaboration
enables Archax to manage its treasury operations more efficiently and leverage
Fireblocks’ multi-layer security to safeguard customer funds. By integrating Fireblocks, Archax aims to benefit from
the company’s Multi-Party Computation technology and Intel SGX. The FCA-regulated firm emphasized the importance of collaborating with technology providers to
give customers more choices.

The integration with Fireblocks also allows
Archax to extend its suite of services to include crypto OTC and exchange
offerings alongside supported crypto trading pairs. Archax’s custody service supports other functions, such as the tokenization engine, which handles money market funds and Real World Assets, and the exchange platform, which offers
trading in both crypto pairs and regulated digital securities.

Archax’s partnerships extend beyond Fireblocks. The
company has collaborated with Metaco, now Ripple Custody, to enhance its
custody capabilities further.

Additionally, in March, Archax partnered with Talos, an
institutional crypto trading platform. This collaboration aims to boost
institutional access to digital assets by combining Archax’s regulatory
expertise with Talos. Archax’s partnership with Talos will enable the former to
leverage its FCA crypto asset registration alongside Talos’s network of crypto
liquidity providers and venues.

Integration into Talos’ Platform

The two entities expect that this collaboration will
strengthen Archax’s over-the-counter (OTC) trading desk and enhance liquidity
and efficiency in navigating crypto markets.

Archax announced that it will integrate its institutional-grade exchange
and custody services directly into the Talos platform, expanding its
offerings to Talos’ institutional trading network. This includes regulated
digital assets such as tokenized money market funds and crypto
capital-protected notes.

Additionally, Archax plans to introduce crypto/MMF pairs to enhance security and profitability for investors, offering regulated MMF instruments and thereby reducing counterparty risks. These pairs will be available on Archax’s platform, expanding from Bitcoin and Ethereum to include Solana and Litecoin and trading against USDC and GBP.

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