Blockchain derivatives trading protocol Vega closes $43M token sale


Vega, an open protocol for creating derivatives allowing any blockchain to leverage its high throughput, has announced the closure of its $43M token sale on CoinList with over 21,000 unique participants.

With Vega, market makers can not only launch and customize any derivatives product, they can align incentives between passive and active liquidity providers and other traders.

The protocol’s openness aims to serve the needs of professional market makers and trading firms; while also supporting individuals and SMEs looking to hedge or trade around any type of exposure.

“With open and peer-to-peer protocols that allow rapid innovation and fair access for all, Vega is tackling the biggest problems in DeFi head-on, including MEV, capital efficiency, and scaling. The CoinList sale brings over 21,000 new members to Vega’s community and brings DeFi to real-world trading use-cases.”
-Vega Founder, Barney Mannerings

Prior to the VEGA token sale on CoinList, tokens were designated to early investors and team members. All of these allocations are subject to lockups, and a small number of early investor tokens begin vesting from four months following the public sale.

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