Bybit Confirms Executive Changes After Notcoin Launch Issues


Cryptocurrency exchange Bybit has confirmed reports of an executive reshuffle following complications with the Notcoin launch, which led to $23 million in compensation being distributed to 320,000 users.

The news, initially reported by Wu Blockchain, indicated that several executives had “voluntarily resigned” and that Bybit had hired new technical and spot managers. A Bybit spokesperson told CoinDesk, “Bybit regularly updates its organizational structure to align with our strategic goals. The affected team members are not leaving the company but have taken up other internal roles.”

Notcoin, a game based on the Telegram instant messaging platform, is one of the largest cryptocurrency gaming projects, boasting 35 million users. Early adopters earned in-game balances that could be converted to a Notcoin airdrop at a 1000:1 ratio.

On May 16, users experienced delays in depositing the newly issued Notcoin to Bybit, resulting in financial losses as they were unable to sell the asset immediately. Bybit received 370,000 on-chain transactions, with 70% of deposits credited before the market went live.

“We prioritized customer interests and conducted a thorough internal review to enhance the customer experience for the future,” the Bybit spokesperson added. “This improvement led to some leadership role changes, which we believe are essential.”

Notcoin is currently trading at over $0.0115, more than doubling from a low of $0.0047 last week, according to CoinMarketCap.

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