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With the ImmVRse ICO fast approaching, here’s everything you need to know about ImmVRse.

What is ImmVRse?

ImmVRse is about bringing VR to the blockchain. It wants to build a decentralized VR content sharing platform that will act as a collaborative board for VR creators, advertisers, and businesses.

One of the main driving forces behind the ImmVRse ICO is to build a space on the blockchain for VR specialists to connect with one another, share their creations, and find work in the VR industry. It’s a system that wants to reward content creators with jobs and freelance work that can be authenticated via peer-to-peer Ethereum-based smart contracts.

The VR economy that ImmVRse is creating will be centered around the ImmVRse token, IMV. All payments will be given in IMV, with one IMV being equal to US$0.20.

Businesses looking to expand into VR will be able to do so through the ImmVRse marketplace. Not only will they be able to hire VR content creators but they can also advertise via the ImmVRse platform for their VR products. Users can then watch these videos and will be paid a portion of the amount attributed to the advertisement. Both creators and users will be rewarded for interacting with the ImmVRse platform.

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Why VR?

Combined, augmented reality and virtual reality are estimated to reach a market size of US$215 billion by 2021. ImmVRse is looking to capitalize on this growing market.

So far, VR is largely being used in the gaming industry, but it sounds like ImmVRse is looking to branch out into the wider scope of entertainment and advertisement.

With the two emerging technologies of VR and blockchain combining together, ImmVRse is hoping to make VR more accessible and eliminate the restrictions normally attached to VR content platforms.

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ImmVRse ICO Details

The private sale will commence at the end of March.

Those who participate in the private sale are required to contribute a minimum of 10 Ether.

The ImmVRse team is currently working on preparations for the ICO, which will include a KYC and AML.

The hard cap for the ICO is set at US$20 million. There will be a total of 300 million IMV tokens created, 100 million of which will be distributed during the ICO. See the token breakdown below:


ICO Bench rated ImmVRse a 4.6/5; Track ICO rated it 4.1/5; ICO Marks rated ImmVRse 8.2/10.

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