Luxor introduces a hosting marketplace for bitcoin miners Amid build-out delays.


Luxor introduces a hosting marketplace for bitcoin miners

The full-stack Bitcoin (BTC) mining software and services provider Luxor Technology is introducing a marketplace for miners where users may buy hosting services for their mining equipment. When purchasing bitcoin mining computers through Luxor’s brokerage service, which was introduced earlier this year, miners will be able to compare hosting options. By connecting miners that require hosting with hosting providers, Luxor will effectively act as a broker. According to Luxor, it has traded more than $100 million through its mining rig brokerage business.

Luxor Director of Business Development Aaron Foster said in a statement “Luxor’s hosting marketplace enables miners to choose hosting providers that meet their unique operational and geographical requirements,”. He added that Luxor intends to deliver a white-glove service that removes the confusion around hosting decisions, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Recently, infrastructural and power supply delays, along with a shortage of finance, have made it difficult for miners to grow their operations because there are more miners than there are places to supply them with electricity.

Lauren Lin, Luxor’s operations manager, told CoinDesk “There have been widespread delays in infrastructure build-outs due to supply chain constraints, operational complexity, and power delays.”

She also stressed that Because of these issues, a lot of investors, including family offices, hedge funds, and high-net-worth individuals, are considering hosting solutions with reputable miners to get up and running.

Data centers offer hosting services to cryptocurrency miners, allowing clients to store their ASICs and mine their favorite digital assets for a charge without having to construct the necessary infrastructure themselves. According to a statement from Luxor, Bitcoin mining hosting can offer miners more advantageous power prices than they can receive at home. The announcement further stated that Luxor’s hosting partners offer a variety of prices and revenue/profit-sharing arrangements, as well as GPU and ASIC hosting.

According to Luxor, the new market will include hosting clients in the United States and Canada, and miners will be able to have as few as one mining rig hosted by some providers.

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