PayPal Unveils Enhanced Payment Solution for SMEs in Ireland


PayPal has recently introduced a new payment solution
tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) engaged in online
trading in Ireland. The initiative, named PayPal Complete Payments, extends
support for various payment methods, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, across
more than 20 European markets.

Research Inspires PayPal’s Launch

The decision to launch PayPal Complete Payments follows
extensive research indicating the pivotal role of a seamless checkout
experience in driving customer satisfaction and retention.

A study conducted by PayPal and Forrester revealed that a
significant portion of online shoppers (63%) would abstain from purchasing from
brands with subpar checkout processes. Moreover, 43% of customers expressed a
likelihood of completing a purchase if their preferred payment method is
available during checkout.

Bridging Gap for SMEs in Ireland

Businesses leveraging PayPal Complete Payments
gain access to a comprehensive suite of payment options, encompassing credit
and debit cards alongside alternative payment methods, thus catering to a
diverse global audience.

The implementation of this solution has yielded promising
results, with businesses reporting an average uplift of 4.2% in credit and
debit card acceptance, particularly in neighbouring markets like the UK.

“We’re bringing our latest innovation to Ireland with PayPal
Complete Payments, that enables small and medium-sized enterprises to offer
their customers the same level of service and user experience as large
enterprises,” said Jonas Breding, General Manager for Northern Europe at

“With PayPal Complete Payments businesses are seeing on
average 4.2% lift in credit and debit card acceptance for neighbouring markets
like the UK.

Integrations with e-commerce platforms such as BigCommerce
and WooCommerce streamline the adoption process for clients, while the
integration of features like ‘Package Tracking’ facilitates efficient dispute
resolution, leading to a significant reduction in claims related to undelivered

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