Public Teams Up with CLEAR to Simplify Identity Verification for Investors


CLEAR and Public, an
investing platform offering a range of investment options, have jointly
announced a new partnership. This collaboration aims to provide members with
the option to swiftly and securely verify their identity with CLEAR when
opening an investment account on the Public platform.

Improving Investor Identity Verification

Bringing together CLEAR’s established consumer brand, with
over 22 million users, and its extensive experience in highly regulated sectors
such as aviation and healthcare, this partnership signifies CLEAR’s expanding
presence within the financial services industry. By integrating with Public,
CLEAR seeks to leverage its expertise to enhance the identity verification
process for investors, thereby contributing to a smoother and more secure

Public, aspiring to become the primary investment account
for millions of investors nationwide, offers a comprehensive platform featuring
market insights, robust data and tools, and an AI-powered research assistant
named Alpha.

“We believe that identity and security are integral to any
financial platform and we are excited to expand our impact in the financial
services industry with this partnership,” said CLEAR CEO, Caryn Seidman Becker.

“CLEAR knows that you are always you and Public shares our core values of
ensuring a secure, friction-free, and transparent experience at all levels of
their platform. We’re thrilled that soon our Members will be able to verify
their identity for a faster and easier investing experience with a trusted
community online.”

Streamlining Investment

With a focus on eliminating barriers to investing in various
asset classes, such as stocks and bonds, Public aims to
provide a seamless experience for its users. This collaboration with CLEAR
reinforces Public’s commitment to streamlining the investment process by
eliminating any cumbersome identity verification procedures typically
associated with investing.

“Public aims to be our members’ primary portfolio. We
do this not only by enabling members to manage all assets in one place, but by
giving them a magical experience along the way,” said Jannick Malling,
Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Public.

“The ability to open an account on Public
in a minute or less not only creates growth for the business but also creates
trust. CLEAR helps us achieve that.”

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