Shiba Inu: This Is How Shibarium Could Become More Decentralized Than Ethereum


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Shiba Inu’s layer 2 (L2) scaling solution, Shibarium, could become more decentralized than Ethereum in the future. This is the objective of Unification, the main developer of Shibarium.

In the April 5 Twitter post (above), a popular validator of the Unification (FUND) network, Ringoshi Toitsu, shared the goal, posting a screenshot of an engagement between the Unification Foundation and a community member. Based on the post, the foundation was working on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) node operations, which would mark the next major point of centralization for Shibarium operations.

The launch of UNODE in 2023 provides a safer and more decentralized infrastructure for developers and decentralized applications (dApps) by leveraging FUND as the gas.

Relevance To Shiba Inu

Notably, Ethereum is the layer 1 (L1) technology atop which Shiba Inu is built. The development is of major significance to the meme coin, given that nodes are an important element of the Ethereum infrastructure. It quells concerns about how centralized Ethereum is with regard to nodes.

In fall of 2022, a Messari study established that more than 70% of leading Ethereum applications run on just four centralized node providers. Cognizant of this, Unification notes that new entrants in the centralized industry, such as Alchemy, Infura, Moralis, and Quicknode, provide the majority of ETH nodes. According to Unification, this creates vulnerability in the technology stack of decentralized applications.

Additionally, many are permissioned and therefore identifiable as they require card payments through dApps. Accordingly, it is possible to track them at any time. An excerpt from the blog post reads:

Unification’s UNODE addresses this Achilles’ Heel by democratizing, decentralizing, and incentivizing EVM node operations. In accordance with our ethos, this will be pure Web3.

Notably, UNODE is scheduled for launch before the end of 2023, a debut that will prove value-adding for the SHIB ecosystem while at the same time bringing exclusive utilities to the FUND token.

Moreover, Unification will deliver other important infrastructure to the Shiba Inu ecosystem. In an interview with Toitsu, the renowned validator said Unification’s technology comprises the Oracle of Oracles (OoO). This is a permissionless master oracle that uniquely combines data from centralized and decentralized exchanges to give asset prices in real-time.

According to Toitsu, the OoO service will be widely integrated into the SHIB ecosystem. It is worth mentioning that the said ecosystem also includes ShibaSwap, Shiboshi NFTs, and Shibarium.

Current Development Status of Shibarium

When asked about the current development status of the layer-2 scaling solution (Shibarium), Toitsu had this to say:

Unification is doing an excellent job with their technology for Shibarium, and no one else can match it. We are still in an early beta stage with a focus on delegating/staking. People know that BONE is gas, there will be REAL governance, and TRUE SHIB users will be able to earn rewards from using the blockchain.

Shibarium Developers Undeterred By Allegations Of Plagiarized Code

As reported recently, there were rumors on Shiba Inu Discord a fortnight ago alleging a shortcut by Shibarium’s developers to use the same chain ID that the Rinia blockchain uses. The discussion caused chaos and later escalated when former developers came forward to report unexplained changes to the code. Notably, these developers have since been retrenched.

It appears, however, that the Shibarium developers were undeterred by these allegations. The same can be said about the many other projects built around Shiba Inu (SHIB). There has been a wide range of remarkable developments on Shibarium, with the chief developer of Shiba Inu, Shytoshi Kusama, revealing that 500 validators had expressed their interest in joining the network as of March 30.

Shibarium developer, Unification, has also revealed ongoing plans for an innovative wallet for Shibarium. In his words, “The wallet is an all-in-one solution that enables two-way asset transfers between the first and second layers, as well as includes staking/delegating and a ShibaSwap integration.”

The functions of the new wallet include asset storage and seamless transfer.


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