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Last week, I had the pleasure of interviewing HybridBlock’s co-Founder, Apolo Ohno, in an exclusive interview about his project.

>> Exclusive Apolo Ohno Video Interview

HybridBlock is designed to be a four-in-one cryptocurrency exchange platform centered around education. In our interview, Mr. Ohno expressed that a lack of education is the reason cryptocurrency isn’t adopted on a mass global scale yet. Today’s exchanges, wallets, and blockchain ecosystems are far too complex for the uneducated but interested individual. Seeking step by step modules and education on digital assets and blockchain technology is time-consuming and spread out. That’s where HybridBlock comes in.

The first component of HybridBlock is HybridCentral.



The team at HybridBlock has built HybridCentral to contain in-depth educational modules for those who have no idea what cryptocurrency or a digital asset is. They are constructed in 10-minute segments to do once a day and the team has even implemented incentives within them. The modules have been gamified and interactive for various learning styles. HybridCentral will walk a person through buying and trading digital assets.


HybridCentral is currently available for download via the app store, but it is currently in the Beta stage still. You can see what the main screen looks like, from my screenshot above.

The second component of HybridBlock ecosystem is HybridBasetrade.



The BaseTrade application is supposed to be extremely similar to that of Coinbase. Easy to use interface, with all the same security features of the more advanced exchanges. The team at HybridBlock are solving another huge issue with cryptocurrency exchanges currently – customer service. I’m not sure if you’ve tried getting a hold of Coinbase’s customer service department but good luck – I waited three weeks once.

HybridBlock has made it a priority to employ these customer service agents BEFORE they launch, to aid all their customer’s needs (Can I get an AMEN?). BaseTrade will also have educational content in the application, to aid traders in navigating the system.

The next component of HybridBlock moves to the desktop and it is HybridExchange.



HybridExchange is very similar to that of GDAX, Binance, and Bittrex. This exchange is geared more towards the intermediate cryptocurrency traders. The development team behind the platform have integrated deep order books in various global cryptocurrency markets, giving traders the most competitive prices. You get access to various exchanges through one platform. Next month both the BaseTrade and HybridExchange Beta will launch.

The last component of the HybridBlock Ecosystem is the furthest away from completion but is aimed towards the day traders and cryptocurrency experts, it’s named HybridTerminal.



HybridTerminal is aimed towards the expert and institutional traders. Traders in the system will have access to all the real-time feeds from exchanges around the world and it comes equipped with a Level II quote messaging system. The company’s main priority is educating the masses and seeing how they can facilitate getting the next 100 million people who don’t know about cryptocurrency on-board and into this emerging space.

While the HybridBlock team is still developing and working on HybridTerminal, perfecting HybridCentral and Basetrade are priority at the current moment. The more individuals who understand blockchain and cryptocurrrency – the stronger it will become.

Via the project’s Telegram Channel, it was announced today that the company raised $40 million USD in their pre-ICO. Currently, they have a $50 million cap on their token sale. Their public token sale will open next month, and they will inform the masses one week prior to it starting. In the channel co-Founder Apolo Ohno said:

“We’re extremely proud of the work we’ve done thus far to position HybridBlock as a compelling entrant into the cryptocurrency space, but there’s still a tremendous amount of work ahead of us. This is only the beginning. As a company, we pride ourselves on execution and getting the work done. The capital we’ve raised, mainly from strategic investors abroad, will allow us to continue hiring the best resources and brightest minds to execute our grand vision.”

Apollo stated in our exclusive interview that HybridBlock would be focusing their main efforts in Asia, as many laws within the U.S. have made it extremely hard to function within the country. He states that there are laws on every level, including being registered in every individual state. While they hope to one day branch to the U.S, their current efforts and products will only be available in the Asian market.

You can view our entire interview from last week in the video below.

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