‘FairMint’, an AI NFT Tool, Launched by STEPN Creators

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Find Satoshi Lab, the creators of the NFT game STEPN have launched a new NFT x AI tool, ‘FairMint’, to support creators with an easier process of mass producing NFTs. It can be used as a part of the company’s GNT ecosystem which is already in full flow.

Quick Takes

  • Find Satoshi Lab releases FairMint, an NFT creator tool that utilizes AI and is part of GNT ecosystem.
  • Fairmint allows users to produce up to 1,000 NFTs simply via artificial intellegence.
  • The MOOAR marketplace will review the collections for quality, and projects will only be available for 24 hours.

About FairMint

FairMint is a newly released NFT creator tool that incorporates the current craze of AI (artificial intelligence) within GNT in an interesting way.

It has been released by Find Satoshi Lab, or FSL, who launched STEPN, the popular web3 lifestyle app. Put simply, the new product aims to continue FSL’s goals of reducing the barriers for entering the web3 and NFT space for new creators.

With Fairmint, users will be able to simply produce up to 1,000 NFTs in one go. They can then simply be uploaded to the blockchain and made available through FSL’s MOOAR marketplace.

In order to create the NFTs on FairMint, users are posed a handful of questions. To clarify, these range from what kind of NFT, to gender, style, character, and appearance. From that stage, users must then connect to a supported wallet and spend one $GNT credit per image generated.

To clarify, they have a seven day application period, where the team will review collections “for quality”. This comes before MOOAR will list one project per day on their platform.

An interesting point for the project is that the eventually listed projects will only be available to the public for 24 hours. Any remaining NFTs will be “locked forever”, and will not be able to be accessed.

Presently, the innovative AI tool is able to be tested on MOOAR’s website here.

Thoughts from the Team and Community

Yawn Rong, Find Satoshi Lab’s co-founder said: “We’re thrilled to be launching GNT and I can’t wait to see what our users will create with it,

He added: “We believe that with Artificial Intelligence the possibilities are endless. We’re excited to be at the forefront of this new frontier in digital art.”

Significantly, Twitter’s NFT community seem to be mainly positive about the new invention. Most people left positive comments in MOOAR’s announcement post.

One user, @mable_jiang, suggested a solid use case for the product. “When you have an MVP product idea but need a test run with some pretty utility NFTs before recruiting a team. FairMint is going to be your best friend.”

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