Justin Beiber’s 2015 Track “Company” Releases as NFT


The renowned global pop sensation Justin Beiber’s 2015 hit track “Company” will be presented as an NFT (Non-Fungible Token). This seven years old release will redefine the music industry with the latest technology.

Quick Takes:

  • Justin Beiber’s song “Company” releases an NFT collection.
  • Anotherblock will mint the hit track into an NFT.
  • The collection showcases the song’s journey and its future potential.

Justin Beiber NFT “Company”

Justin Bieber’s track, “Company,” now releases as an NFT on September 7. Moreover, Anotherblock will mint this collection, which is a pioneering music tech platform that has experience with and an inclination for blockchain. Also, the process will be in collaboration with the track’s co-producer Andreas Schuller. 

Andreas Schuller, popularly known as Axident, will collaborate to transform the hit track “Company” into a unique NFT. However, there will be only 2,000 collectibles available on the digital market for sale.

Furthermore, the new collection is not just an NFT or digital collectible, but a song’s journey and success. The NFT holders will not just get ownership of a collectible but also a 1% share of the song’s online streams. This initiative represents the important role of a fan in an artist’s music journey and their interaction with each other.

Future Potential for Justin Beiber’s NFT

To begin with, Justin Beiber isn’t a new pop star; he has been in the industry for a very long time, and his songs have topped the charts several times. The track “Company” has been on the 53rd spot in the US charts. What’s more, fans have streamed the song more than 500 million times.

Therefore, it is expected that the new NFT will also be a huge success in the digital market. Besides, Michel Traore, who is the brain behind the NFT launch, believes in the collaboration between music and Web3. Further, he believes this track will set the perfect example for the infinite opportunities the collaboration has.

Anotherblock has previously collaborated with musicians like The Weeknd, Rihanna, and Martin Garrix, therefore, the future of Justin Bieber’s NFT should be melodious.

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