Machi Proposes 11M $APE Sends NFTs to Museums Worldwide


An intriguing week-long vote surrounding OG NFTs kick-started today! Machi Big Brother, an NFT titan, has proposed 11 million $APE to acquire diverse blue-chip digital collectibles — Bored Apes, CryptoPunks, and Mutant Apes, among others — to spotlight in international museums.

Quick Takes:

  • Machi has proposed 11 million $APE purchases a variety of blue-chip NFTs.
  • The OG NFTs will feature in museums worldwide if the proposition goes ahead.
  • Hindering selling pressure, $APE donors will receive a new token called $DAM.

The Weight Behind Machi’s $APE Proposal 

Suppose Machi’s new plan for NFTs to hit international museums gets the nod of approval, $APE holders will receive a new token called $DAM in return for giving up their ApeCoin — a likely strategy to counteract selling pressure. 

Moreover, the pitch assures that at least 50% of the funds will be utilized in the initial year and emphasizes a commitment to transparent and fair practices. As such, it notes that Machi will not partake in direct investments. Considering some Web3 enthusiasts don’t favor the NFT mogul, it’s a point worth mentioning:

Nonetheless, if Machi’s plan goes ahead, the reputation and prominence of $APE and NFTs will likely skyrocket. Holders of the assets chosen to showcase in the museums will also have a say in their collectibles’ future, garnering more trust surrounding this initiative.

The ultimate vision for the project is far-reaching and vast. From organizing the collection to hosting exhibitions in iconic galleries worldwide, Machi’s proposal may be an NFT game-changer. Considering that votes are now in full swing, next week’s outcome will be interesting (if nothing more).

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